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CBC Explores the Possible Health Risks & Recommended Solution for Heat Pumps

In this short radio interview, CBC Reporter Yvonne Colbert finds out about the possible dirt, dust & mold, in many Heat Pumps that get left unclean. And how to prevent this happening.


“Many of us have heat pumps in our homes…their popularity has exploded in recent years. Some provinces offer rebates for installing them, and Efficiency Nova Scotia says they can save us hundreds of dollars a year on our energy bills. The benefits are real. But manufacturers haven’t spent as much time – or money – informing owners about how to maintain heat pumps. And, as CBC Reporter Yvonne Colbert found out, that could have an impact on your health. 7:03” (from CBC webpage)



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Heat Pumps are an awesome method of heating and cooling. They are efficient, quiet and clean. However, like most things, they need some maintenance, including a periodic deep clean.

Just like your furnace ducts, or your car, a heat pump clean should be scheduled in as periodic maintenance.

To check if yours is due for a clean (if it’s been installed over a year ago and hasn’t been clean yet, chances are it does) check here:

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