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“Do I Have To Clean My Heat Pump”?

Should I clean my heat pump, and “does my heat pump have mold” are a couple of variations of a common general question:

“Do Heat Pumps Need Cleaning”?!!!

Manufacturers of heat pumps recommend mini-split heat pumps are deep cleaned every 12 to 18 months. And often, not doing so can void the warranty. So the short answer, is yes! However, why do heat pumps need cleaning, and how often they need cleaning depends on how you use it and a few other factors. Let’s take a look, so you can make an informed decision on whether do clean yours, how often to do it, and who to hire to clean your heat pump.


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So, Why Do Heat Pumps Need Cleaning?

Mini-split heat pumps need cleaning for a few reasons. One reason is to keep them running efficiently; A dirty heat pump is usually full of dirt, dust, and mold. The dust and dirt sits in the fins of the coil, which is the bit that does the heat exchanging. So having the coil blocked with dirt can drastically reduce the efficiency, and use more energy to run.

A clean heat pump can use up to 30% less electricity than a dirty one

Inside a heat pump, there is a fan wheel, which spins and blows the heated or cooled air around the home. The extra weight of dust, dirt and mold on this ‘fan wheel’, means it takes a lot more electricity to blow the air around the house. Main take-away, is a regular clean will keep the machine running efficiently as possible.





Prolong the life of the heat pump: Maintaining your heat pump by regular heat pump deep cleaning will noit only save money by keeping it running efficiently, but will prolong the life of the machine. This is why most manufacturers recommend regular deep cleaning of the heat pump, and not doing so can jeopardize the heat pump warranty.


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Does My Heat Pump Have Mold?



If you use your heat pump a lot for cooling, and it hasn’t been deep cleaned in a year or more, the answer is most likely, yes! Why do heat pumps get mold? Well, heat pumps are great for keeping you cool in the summer, when you use your heat pump for cooling, condensation causes the moisture in the air to gather in the heat pump. Mainly on the blower wheel, and on the back plate. Usually if you turn the machine off, and look through the grills, you can see the mold in the heat pump.


How do I know if my heat pump has mold? just click here for our easy, 3-step guide!


is there mold in my heat pump?


So, who cleans heat pumps near me?

Where can I get my heat pump cleaned?

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