How Do I check My Heat Pump?

Is Summer A Good Time To Clean My Heat Pump?


How Do I check My Heat Pump?


How Often Does A Heat Pump Need To Be Cleaned?


Most people know by now that their heat pump needs to be cleaned regularly. Most manufacturers recommend deep cleaning your heat pump between 12 – 18 months. We see heat pumps that need to be done as regularly as every 3 months. And some that only need it every 2 or 3 years! It depends on a few factors, and you can check here for how to reduce the amount of cleaning for a heat pump and keep it running more efficiently:


How To Run My Heat Pump Properly


What Time Of Year Is Best To Clean A Heat Pump?


Who Cleans Heat Pumps?



We are just coming out of the heating season. We don’t want to speak to soon but it looks like summer is on the way (touch wood!) and most people will be switching their heat pumps to cooling mode. This is a great time of year to deep clean your unit. Clear out all the dust, dirt, grease or any mold that may be in the unit so it is running efficiently for the summer months.

Click here to find out if summer is a good time to deep clean your heat pump!

Hot, humid summers can be hard on heat pumps, and they have to work hards to keep your home cool. It’s a great idea to help them run as easily and efficiently as possible, by making sure the unit is clean.


“You will also have fresh, safe, cool clean air blowing through your home all summer”!





Bonus Efficiency Tip – What Mode Should I run My Heat Pump On?


We always recommend running the heat pump on heating mode in the winter, and cooling mode (or dehumidify) in the summer. This way, you are never using energy to het the home in the summer, or cool the home in the winter!


It’s always a good idea to check if your heat pump needs cleaning at least once a year. Does My Heat Pump Need Cleaning?


If you do not know how to check your unit, or are still unsure, please give us a call or an email.


“We will check your unit free of charge. If it doesn’t need cleaning, we won’t do it”!





Thanks and have a lovely summer folks,

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