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Summer finally seems to be coming! Along with ice cream, hot days and beaches, the change in season also often means a change in mode for your heat pump. The weather starts to get hot and you may have started using the heat pump to cool your home already.


Time to clean my heat pump







Heat pumps are a great way to keep your home cool. You may decide to use the dehumidifier mode rather than the AC. It’s a great way to cool your home while taking some moisture out of the air.


Whether is AC or dehumidify, any mode you choose takes moisture out of the air, and can remain in your heat pump. This can breed mold.

Summer’s can be hot, and very humid lately. The moisture that is in the air and runs through the heat pump can remain on the coils and blower fan, which can breed mold if it is not regularly removed.

Is Summer A Good Time To Clean A Heat Pump?


The start of summer is a great time to clean a heat pump, so it is running efficiently and ready for a cooling season. The summers have been especially hot the last few years, and this one looks to be no exception. It’s best to have your unit clean and as efficient as possible to handle the load on the machine.


So, Is summer is a great time to clean my heat pump? Yes! It will work at tip top condition all summer for you. Most manufacturers recommend a deep cleaning of the heat pump every 12 months to avoid losing the warranty. So just before the summer every time sets you up for a great season of clean, efficient cooling!


“I’m not sure My heat Pump Needs Cleaning”?

If you’re not sure if your heat pump has mold, dust, dirt, or needs cleaning, just click here for very simple instructions on how to check!


How Do I know If My Heat Pump Needs Cleaning?

You can always call us for free advice, help and to book a free inspection.




Book a time slot – Free Inspection – If it needs cleaning, we’ll take care of it. If it doesn’t, we’ll see you when it does. No Charge. Simple as that.

Thanks for checking in folks, and have a great summer season!

Stay cool, breath clean,


dame & the Heat Pump Cleaning crew.

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