Can I clean my own heat pump?

Take A Look At What’s In Most Heat Pumps


We thought we’d take a closer look inside a heat pump that we cleaned today, to see just what kind of dirt is in there. Is there mold in a heat pump? Dust, dirt, debris?

Usually there is. If the heat pump has been used at all for cooling, it will usually have some mold. We clean most units once a year, and we usually see the start, or ‘spotting’ of the mold on our next visit.

Heat pumps need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to keep them running efficiently and safely.


Can I Clean My Own Heat Pump?


A lot of people wonder if they can clean their own heat pump? The answer is yes, of course, it’s just pretty tricky, time consuming without the correct gear and experience, and can be unsafe to do if you are not comfortable dealing with electricity. Whether you should clean your own heat pump is a different question! It’s usually easier, safer and cheaper in the long run to let a professional handle it.


If you want to try cleaning your own heat pump, we have some guidelines here: (but do not recommend cleaning your own heat pump, and are not liable for any damage caused by attempting to clean your own heat pump, it’s for informational purposes only!)



How To Clean A Heat Pump – Do It Yourself or Call a Professional


When choosing a heat pump cleaner, you should make sure they are insured, WCB covered. And ask around to see if there are any recommendations foir people who have done solid, trustworthy work.


You can email us now for a free quote or inspection


What’s Inside A Heat Pump?


Here we show what kinds of things we usually find in a heat pump:





Take a look and let us know what you think!!

You can always contact us for free information, help, advice, quotes or to book an appointment for all things heat pump related!

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