Heat Pump Washing

Dust, Dirt & Mold in a Ductless, Mini-Split Heat Pump System


We get asked a lot about what is actually in the heat pump that needs cleaning. A Heat Pump that hasn’t been cleaned in a few years will most likely have a lot of dirt and dust build up in the coil and blower wheel, and often have mold.

A lot of people do not get told when they get a ductless system installed that they need to be ‘deep cleaned’, approximately once every 1-2 years (see other blog for details) so it is not surprising there is a lot of build up in these machines.


Whats in the system that needs a clean so bad?


Almost every unit we have been out to clean looks like the one in the video below. There is always dust and dirt built up in the coils, and the beginnings, or later-stage of what looks to be mold build up on the blower wheel (see video below)



Our clients tell us they are told to give the filters a regular clean (once every month or so) and they do a great job of this. Most people are just not aware manufactures recommend a regular ‘deep clean’ to prevent dirt, dust and mold in their system.

We’ve performed cleans in Port Hawkesbury, Antigonish, St Peters, Sydney and all over Cape Breton & the Quad Counties. And almost every unit we’ve seen is like the one in the video.

If you’d like advice or tips on how to clean your own heat pump please see our blog here:




However, I must admit, it is a bit tricky without the proper gear and equipment. If you would rather let a professional do it, or need a bit more information, just contact us, we’d love to help:


Thanks for reading, and stay safe, clean and efficient!

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