We see a lot of different things in the various Heat Pumps we clean. From commercial sites to homes to shops and stores. We thought we’d start posting a few of the more interesting ones as we go to show people the hazards if they are not maintained. They are great little units for heating and cooling, but must be looked after to prevent possible respiratory and other health issues.

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Thanks, damo & the Heat Pump Cleaning team!

Antigonish residential mini-split system: week of 6 August 2018: Looks to be dirt, dust build up & mold on the blower wheel and louver grills:

Antigonish/Pomquet residential ductless system clean: week of 30 July 2018: Looks to be dirt, tobacco staining & mold on the blower wheel and louver grills, and also the coils:

Port Hawkesbury home heat pump wash: week of 25 June 2018: Looks to be later progression mold spores on fan wheel, grills and backing plates of the inside head unit:

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