When Is The Best Time To Clean My Heat Pump?


This is a question we get asked a lot. Everybody knows by now a heat pump should be deep cleaned regularly. Manufacturers recommend between every 12 and 18 months. If you are looking for information on how often they should be cleaned please check here How Often Does My Heat Pump Need Cleaning?


This article answers whether there is a best time of year, or best season to clean a heat pump. So if you need to know if now is a good time to get your mini-split system cleaned or serviced, scroll down!


Clean my own heat pump?


Ever wondered ‘When Is A Good Time To Clean My Heat Pump‘? Well, you’re not alone! Here are some questions we usually get asked:


How Often Should I get My Heat Pump Cleaned?

When is the best time to clean a heat pump?

How long should I wait before getting my heat pump cleaned?

When Should I Clean My Heat Pump?

Should I Clean My Mini-Split In Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn?

Can I clean my heat pump myself?


To answer there questions, we need to look at a few things:


Why Do Heat Pumps Get Dirty?


Heat pumps are great systems for heating and cooling, when they are clean and working properly. As in most homes, the heat pump tends to act like an air filter, and after some time in service, the head unit will become dirty.


The coils that perform the heat transfer become clogged with dirt, dust, pet hair, and anything else floating through the air in your home. This decreases the efficiency of your heat pump by up to 30%.


Mold In Heat Pumps – Unfortunately, dust and dirt are not the only things that build up in a heat pump. Heat Pumps do not take or circulate air to outside of your home. They only circulate the air that is in your home. Any moisture in the air goes through the heat pump too.


Humidity, Moisture & Mold:

During summer months, this moisture condenses onto the coils of the heat pump. During months of high humidity, this can be a lot of water, and it can sit on the coils and on the blower wheel of the unit. This, more often than not, breeds mold.



Antigonish Heat Pump Cleaning


We see mold on the blower wheel in over 90% of the units we service


Does My Heat Pump Contain Mold? If you’d like a simple way to check if your heat pump contains mold, just click here Check My Heat Pump Myself


Heat Pump Leaking?

These last few summers in Nova Scotia have been extremely humid, meaning there is a lot of moisture in the air. This can be hard for heat pumps to deal with, especially if the drain hose is plugged, or partially plugged with dirt, debris and mold.


The moisture will build up, flood the drain pan, and eventually begin to leak out of the drain pan, and usually down the wall of your home, at the corner of the heat pump. You will see a drip, or water running down the wall from the heat pump.


Leaking Heat Pump


My Heat Pump Is Leaking – When this happens, it is probably a good indication it’s time for a clean. We can also blow the drain lines out for you and unblock the hose for you


Again, the moisture in the system can sit in the head unit for a while, and breed mold.


So, Best Time of Year to Clean a Heat Pump?

Pure Air Cleaning Heat Pump Cleaning Services Antigonish clean heat pumps all year long! From spring, through summer (where we unplug and unblock a lot of heat pumps) through fall and winter.


We love to clean heat pumps in the fall! Once they have been working so hard all summer to keep the place cool, and have dealt with all the humidity and water, it’s great to clean them out.


This will clear the moisture that has been sitting in the system, and build up of dirt and any spores from the moisture that may begin to breed into mold. In Nova Scotia during the fall, the heat pump will primarily be used for heating, which keeps it dry. This means it is running for the fall, winter and spring cleanly, with no mold!


Plus, you get 3 seasons clean & mold free!


If you get the heat pump deep cleaned in the fall, it also means you never have mold in your system!


Free Inspections!


The good news is we can come and inspect your heat pumps for FREE.

If it needs cleaning we’ll get it done, if it doesn’t, we’ll leave it for next time. Simple as that.


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