Port Hawkesbury & Area

Our First & Main Heat Pump Cleaning Shop

Port Hawkesbury

Minisplit cleaning


We have been serving homes and business’ in the Port Hawkesbury area for a long time. Our first heat pump cleaning location was here and it’s still our main shop. From here we can get out to the surrounding area’s to provide mini-split cleaning in the home, office and commercial locations.

We provide Ductless, mini-split heat pump cleaning, dryer vent clearing and Hotel & Motel PTAC Air Conditioning cleaning. We’re fully trained, certified, insured, WBC covered and Better Business Bureau accredited, so you know you are dealing with the professionals.


Professional Heat Pump Cleaner

We pride ourselves on our experience and work ethic. And we’re great to work with too!


We take care of everything. Providing free quotes and inspections. We’ll take a look at your heat pump and if it doesn’t need doing, we won’t do it, simple as that.


If it does need cleaning, we’ll show you where the mold is, before and after!


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