Start the Year Right – With Clean Air!

Most people know by now what can be lurking in their Heat Pump if it hasn’t had a regular deep clean. The problem is that whatever is in the pump gets blown around the house, and this is in the air you breathe. Heat Pump Cleaning will solve this.

Mini-Split Mold Removal

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If you’ve made it a resolution to live cleaner and healthier, now is a great time to get your pump inspected (free of charge) It’s also a great time of year to have a Deep Clean performed on your heat pump. The heating mode throughout the winter months keeps the fan blades dry and clean for a longer period.

Give us a call for a FREE INSPECTION, and we’ll leave your Mini-Split like this:

  • Book us for a clean, we’ll remove the covers and inspect the unit. If it doesn’t need cleaning we’ll wipe the unit down, replace the covers and be on our way, with absolutely no cost.

Heat Pump Cleaning leaves your system sparkling and ensures the air pumping around your house is safe and clean.

Stay cool, breathe Easy folks,

damo & the Heat Pump Cleaning team!

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