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Proudly Serving the Highlands!

We now have a new heat pump cleaning shop Serving the Highlands of Cape Breton.

Pure Air Heat Pump Cleaning Services have long loved serving the Cape Breton highlands

and now we’re proud to have a heat pump cleaning shop in Cheticamp!

Serving the highlands with all your heat pump and hotel air conditioning (PTAC) cleaning needs.

This dedicated Heat Pump Cleaning location serves Cheticamp, Inverness, Margaree, Pleasant Bay, Baddeck & the surrounding area’s!


Best Heat Pump Cleaning Cheticamp Cape Breton


Make sure your Heat pump is running safely, efficiently, and mold is eliminated.

Our experienced, professional and insured heat pump cleaning staff

will provide a deep clean to ensure any mold, dirt and debris is removed and the heat pump cleaning unit is operating safely & efficiently!

If it’s been over a year since it was installed it almost certainly needs a clean.

Our New Heat Pump Cleaning Shop Cheticamp serves the Highlands is here to serve the local and remote communities of Cape Breton.

To check yourself if it needs cleaning, just click here:


How Do I know If My Heat Pump Needs Cleaning?


Call us and we will come inspect your heat pumps!

We are extremely professional heat pump cleaners in the Cape Breton area!

We are reliable and we pride ourselves on our work ethic!

Fully trained, WCB and insured. Free quotes!

Thanks Cape Breton, Stay Safe, Breath Easy & we hope to see you soon!

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