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Why Is My Heat Pump Leaking?


Heat pumps are working so hard this summer, and dealing with so much humidity and moisture in the air.

If the heat pumps get dirty, they are working twice as hard, and if that moisture has nowhere to go, it sits on the blower wheel and can breed mold. The heat pump can then clog your drain pipes and cause leaking! If you’d like to see if yours contains mold, just click here: 3-ways-to-tell-if-your-heat-pump-needs-cleaning
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Heat Pump Clean

This is what can cause your heat pump to leak:

  1. Heat pump collects dirt, dust and debris
  2. Moisture in the air sits in the heat pump, which can breed mold, usually in clumps, and usually on the blower wheel
  3. This is then spread through the air in the home, but also flows into the drain pipe and blocks it after time
  4. The water then has nowhere to go and quite quickly overflows the drain pan and leaks out of the heat pump, down the walls.
We’ve unplugged drainpipes on almost every heat pump clean this summer!!
heat pump unplug

The weather has been so humid lately, that’s a lot of moisture in the air. Heat pumps are fantastic for taking this moisture out of the air, and keeping the air in your home dry and cool. However, with so much humidity, it has to work really hard in the summer to keep the house cool. If your heat pump is not clean, this adds to the work load. Moisture can sit in the blower when and breed mold. This gets everywhere, including the drain pan and drain line.

We can take the machine apart, give it a deep clean to remove the mold, and use a compressor to blow out the drain lines and get it running smoothly, safely and efficiently again.
Give us a call or email and book us for a free heat pump cleaning inspection!
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