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Hotel Air Conditioning Cleaning

Reduce Electricity Bills & Keep Guests Safe

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We offer a deep cleaning service for hotel Air Conditioners

and Heat Pump Units (PTAC & PTHP systems)

✓ Vastly improve the efficiency of your A.C units – save thousands on overall electric costs

✓ Remove mold, dirt, debris that can cause polluted, unhygienic air

✓ Experienced technicians, fully insured & WCB covered




We are THE professional Air Conditioner Cleaners in the QUAD Counties and Cape Breton!

 Our fully experienced, insured & WCB covered staff are trained to clean your AC unit on-site

Leaving the PTAC unit sparkling clean!


Has it Been a Long Time Since They Were Cleaned……?




Circulating Contaminated Air

If it has been a long time since your air conditioning units have been cleaned,

they could be damp, and harbouring contaminants and molds, affecting the air the unit is circulating.

A deep clean of the Air Conditioning unit is the only way to remove and prevent harmful bacteria entering the air.

Our hotel Air Conditioning Cleaning service will ensure clean & fresh air for you and your valued guests.




PTAC/PTHP Cleaning Motels Inverness

Unlike most, Pure Air Cleaning Clean BEHIND the fan and the rear coil! Call For a Quote (902) 302-1040



Higher Power Bills


The coils will most likely be plugged and blocked with dust, dirt and mold, restricting the surface area of the coil,

impeding heat transfer and therefore vastly reducing the efficiency of the unit.

If your hotel has many AC units, this could be costing you thousands.

Our Hotel AC Cleaning Service will improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Dirt, Dust, Contaminants & Mold blocking Coils Reduce Efficiency

This may be circulating harmful airborne contaminants.



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Removing the AC Unit


We remove the unit, clean & sanitize both coils, covers, drain pan and filters

to improve efficiency & prevent mold in your air motel conditioning units.





Job-site Safety



We understand the importance of safety and have a zero tolerance accident policy.

We can provide hazard assessments and job-site cleaning procedures if required.


Professional Heat Pump Cleaner


Ductless Cleaning



Proudly cleaning hotel Air Conditioning, PTAC/PTHP systems in

Antigonish, Port Hawkesbury, New Glasgow, Port Hastings, Mulgrave, Harve Boucher,

and everywhere in Cape Breton including St. Peters, Port Hood, Whycocomagh, Isle Madame,

Arichat, Louisdale, Judique, Margeree, Inverness, Guysborough, and more!!


Also offering mini-split, ductless heat pump cleaning

to businesses and commercial locations!


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