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Summertime Humidity & Moisture in Your System


People often say to us;


we bought it for the heat, but love it for the cool!


Heat Pumps do a great job at saving money on your heating bills during the winter, but they have the added bonus of cooling your home during the hot summer months. Our clients love the ‘dry mode’, as it can feel colder than using the air con, at the same temperature.


The summer also comes with humidity, especially these last couple of summers. We have had a lot of calls during these hot months to check mini-split systems that “aren’t blowing cold as well as it used to”, are “running inefficiently”, or “there is a funny smell in my heat pump when it turns on”.


During these months, we often find heat pumps like this, and in fact find mold in around 80-90% of the heat pumps we clean;



If this sounds familiar, it’s probably time to get your heat pump cleaned! Heat pumps do a great job of taking the moisture out of the air, and cooling your home, but often that moisture can stay in the head unit;  When it sits there too long, it can start to breed mold.


“If it’s been over 12 months since you’ve had your heat pump cleaned, we recommend you at least check the unit to make sure there is nothing in there that shouldn’t be”.



If you need instructions on How to Check if Your Heat Pump Needs Cleaning, just click here. 


It’s pretty easy, but worth doing as it can save you money, make your heat pump run more efficiently, and ensure the air in your home is clean & fresh. If it’s something you don’t feel like doing yourself, just contact us, we offer free, no obligation inspections, and can show you what’s hiding in there.

Stay safe & enjoy the cool, fresh air folks. Have a great summer.

dame & the Heat Pump Cleaning Team

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POSTED BY Damian Phillips | Jul, 14, 2021 |