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Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pump Repair & Maintenance

Who Cleans & Repairs Heat Pumps?




Have you had a heat pump installed but it’s not working as well as it used to? We love to talk about heat pump operation, maintenance & repair, and have experienced technicians, that only work on heat pumps! Some common heat pump issues;

My heat pump is not heating (or cooling) like it used to

My heat pump is not blowing air like it should

My heat pump is making a noise

Do you offer repairs or basic heat pump maintenance?

My heat pump goes into defrost mode all the time


At Pure Air Cleaning, our trained, certified and experienced technicians provide quality heat pump cleaning, maintenance & repair.

If your heat pump is making noise, or not heating or cooling like it did when it was first installed, it could be a few things. It may just need a darn good deep cleaning and reset. Or it may need a new motor, or topping up with refrigerant (or ‘charge’)


“We Clean, Maintain and Repair Heat Pumps”



Who Does Heat Pump Repair?



We have experienced HVAC electricians that will visit, diagnose, and repair your heat pump, so it’s working as efficiently as when it was first installed.


Often, all it needs is a good deep cleaning. So the first step is usually to deep clean the unit, and reset the system. This improves the performance, and ensures the heat pump is running safely and efficiently, and is providing the heat and cold it should do. It also removes and prevents any mold growth, and should be performed regularly (usually once a year) to maintain the manufacturers warranty.



“A Heat Pump Deep Clean Should Be Performed Regularly To Maintain The Warranty”



Problems with heat pumps


Once the heat pump has been deep cleaned & reset, this will often solve the issue. If the heat pump is still not performing as it should, we will send our qualified technician to diagnose the problem and get the unit running properly.


Common Problems with Mini-Split Heat Pump Systems


Sometimes heat pumps are installed, and they work fantastic for a few years, and after time they develop issues; like they don’t throw quite as much heat as they used to, or they make a noise. And you can’t always find the person who installed the unit. These are some common heat pump issues/problems;


The inside head unit making a noise at certain fan speeds

The outside condenser unit making noise, or is icing up

Our heat pump goes into defrost mode too much

The vents/louvres are moving properly on our mini-split or get stuck in the wrong position

Our heat pump doesn’t heat properly

Our heat pump doesn’t cool enough

The inside head unit of our mini-split heat pump system is leaking

The coils on our heat pump are icing up

My heat pump shuts down after five minutes



We hear these heat pump repair questions often, and can quickly diagnose and repair your system, to get it working as good as it used to.

The process is easy, fast, and certified.


Call or email us today, to get your heat pump working at top efficiency!


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Professional Heat Pump Cleaning
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