Why is my heat pump icing up

Make Sure The Heat Pump Doesn’t Have A Freezing Problem


It’s that time of year when Heat Pumps are working their hardest to keep your place nice and cool. However, sometimes the heat pump system is working so hard, it can ice up, leading to less efficiency, less air movement, and less cold air being distributed around your home.


Heat pump not cooling

The Cause Of Heat Pump Icing:

At this time of year, we see a lot of units that have been working so hard to keep the place cool, the coil starts to ice up. If left, this ice builds around the whole heat pump coil, inhibiting the unit from operating normally, and reducing (or stopping completely!) the air flow around the coil.

This can happen for a number of reasons:

  • If the filters are not cleaned regularly, the system has to work harder to suck in air though the filters
  • If the unit has not been deep cleaned recently, the coils get blocked with dirt and debris, and the blower wheel gets clogged with dirt or mold. The system has to work a lot harder to distribute the air
  • If the air is humid, the moisture in the air can lead to condensation in your system, and this moisture freezes on the coil as the coil is running so cold to try to keep up with the systems demand.
  • If the heat pump is low on charge (refrigerant) it will be having to work a lot harder
  • If the weather is extremely hot and you are trying to keep your place very cool, the system will be working at maximum capacity anyway, so if your system has any of the other problems, it could cause icing.
  • If you are leaving doors or windows open this exaggerates the problem and keeps the system working at maximum capacity for longer, as you are effectively trying to ‘cool the whole world’!


Summer Icing Problem

Heat Pumps Will Use More Power, Cost More to Run, and Will Not Cool Properly

So What is the Solution?

We see a lot of this at this time of year. So just be careful when running your machine this time of year. Keep the windows and doors shut, clean the filters regularly and check if the heat pump needs a deep clean Click Here To Check If Your Unit Needs Cleaning


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