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We have always loved serving our customers in St Peters and the Surrounding area. Now we are able to visit more often as we have a heat pump cleaning team based in the area!

The Locals: You may have seen us on the big LED sign at the new Grenville Street Plaza!!!

St Peters Area Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Cleaning Inspection

Deep cleaning a heat pump involves inspection of all the different parts of this heat pump unit.

Once you hire Pure Air Cleaning services in St Peters, we will check the condition of the entire heat pump system including its mechanical components.

Just like your truck may need an oil change, your heat pump needs regular maintenance and cleaning as well.

Pure Air Cleaning Heat Pump Cleaning offer full heat pump cleaning inspections and cleaning so that our clients prolong the life of their heat pump. Don’t pay for wasteful heat pump repairs when all you need is regular maintenance and cleaning.

Our heat pump cleaning team will tell you that a heat pump with dirty filters will strain your entire heat pump system.

Dirty heat pump filters will no doubt decrease the efficiency of your heat pump over time and certainly increase your monthly energy bills.

Don’t know if your heat pump needs cleaning yet?

Check here How Do I know If My Heat Pump Needs Cleaning? or give us a call, we offer Free Heat Pump Cleaning Inspections!

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We’re proud to be serving St Peters, River Bougeois, L’Ardoise, Louisdale, Isle Madame, Port Hawkesbury and surrounding area’s.



Thanks for listening folks, and we hope to see you around town!

Stay safe folks, breath fresh and we hope to see you soon,

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