Is Heat Pump Cleaning a scam?

Choose The Best Heat Pump Cleaning Team This Fall

Heat Pump cleaning is essential to keep the air in your home fresh and clean, and is part of the maintenance of your machine. However, we have heard some companies are charging upwards of 400 dollars to clean your heat pump!

We thought we would bring this to people’s attention as we periodically get phone calls inquiring how much a clean is, after a customer has overpaid with a different company. We are always dismayed when we hear this, and often it is senior customers.

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We would just like to warn people to be careful. Ask around and get recommendations wherever possible. We are always clear with our pricing, fully trained, insured, WCB covered and reliable. We give a two-hour arrival window and look after you from start to finish. We also give free quotes up front. It’s how it should be with a reputable company.

Here’s 3 Things You Can Do To Choose A Great Heat Pump Cleaning Service:

  • Call around several companies for price comparison
  • Ask friends, relatives and neighbors for recommendations (Facebook is also useful for this
  • Check our What To Ask A Heat Pump Cleaner Article for how to hire a great Heat Pump Service

With the change in temperature, and heat pump mode, Fall is a great time to get your heat pump cleaned, ready for the heating season. This way your home will have clean, fresh air for the whole heating season.

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Still not sure?

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Stay Safe & Enjoy the Coming Season!

Damian & Your Trusted Heat Pump Cleaning Team

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