Do Heat Pumps Contain Mold

Does My Heat Pump Have Mold In It?…..

This is a question we get asked all the time. Along with; Do heat pumps really have mold in them?!

Well, the short answer, is …..probably yes, but it does depend on quite a few factors, like:


Moldy Heat Pump


Conditions Affecting Mold In Heat Pumps….

When was the Heat Pump Last professionally cleaned?

Air Quality of the area

How often it’s used

How often it is switched on and off

How much it is used for cooling

Whether your heat pump has mould in it does depend on a few factors, but 90% of the heat pumps we see on our first visit contains mold, or the beginning of mold. Most of the other 10% have dirt, dust and other grime. The exceptions are when the heat pump has been cleaned recently or is not used much.

“90% of the heat pumps we see on our initial visit contain mold”

We often take pictures and video’s of the mold we see in heat pumps, and if you look around our website you’ll see what it looks like!


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Some heat pumps begin to breed mold within 12 months but some don’t for years, it really depends of a few factors;

Air Quality in the home: The quality of the air passing through the heat pump makes a difference to how fast the fins in the coil, and the fan blower wheel get blocked and filled with dust and dirt. Once moisture gets in there, this is a great place for mold to breed. If there’s moisture in the air, this can speed up the appearance of mold.

Remember: Most of the air in your home passes through your heat pump –

keep it clean to breath safe, fresh air!