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Cheticamp Area

We Proudly Serve the Highlands & Surrounding Area


Mini-split Cleaners


We have a shop in Cheticamp that serves the highlands area.

So whether you are in Inverness, Mabou, Baddeck

or anywhere in-between, we’re the guys to call.


Fully trained, insured, licensed and WCB covered.

We’re also accredited with the Better Business Bureau

and take pride in our work ethic.


We will visit and take a look at your Mini-split Heat Pump.

If it needs cleaning we’ll get it done,

if it doesn’t we’ll put it back together at no cost. Simple as that!

Call our office to set up an appointment now

and we’ll get Joe to come take a look for you!


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“We do it all, and we love to leave them sparkling”


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Ductless Cleaning


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