Antigonish Heat Pump Cleaning

Why Fall Is The Best Time To Clean Your Heat Pump

It’s hard to hear, but soon our homes will need warming rather than cooling!

But this can be GOOD NEWS for Heat Pump Cleaning!


Antigonish Heat Pump Cleaning

As we move our Heat Pumps from cooling, to heating mode, it’s a great tie to get them cleaned. This way they should stay clean and mold free for the whole season:

Moisture & Mold: During the cooling season, the heat pump gathers moisture through condensation and this can lead to dirt and grime build up, and often Mold. During heating operation the unit stays mostly dry, so mold build up is more unlikely.

Heat & Stay Clean & Dry: This means if you clean your heat pump in Fall, it is most likely to


Also, you get the special Fall rates for a Full Clean

Check out what might be in your heat pump:  Here’s one we cleaned in Antigonish, NS,  last week:

To See when we’re in Your Area, and get our SPECIAL FALL RATE:

Just e-mail, message or call! (902) 302-1040

As always, thanks, and stay cool!

damo & the Pure Air Cleaning team.

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