Start the Year Right – With Clean Air! Most people know by now what can be lurking in their Heat Pump if it hasn’t had a regular deep clean. The problem is that whatever is in the pump gets blown around the house, and this is in the air you breathe. Heat Pump Cleaning will

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Mold Cleaner Cape Breton

You Won’t Believe What’s Inside Your Heat Pump…

CBC Explores the Possible Health Risks & Recommended Solution for Heat Pumps In this short radio interview, CBC Reporter Yvonne Colbert finds out about the possible dirt, dust & mold, in many Heat Pumps that get left unclean. And how to prevent this happening.   “Many of us have heat pumps in our homes…their popularity

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Heat Pump Washing

Whats in YOUR Heat Pump?

Dust, Dirt & Mold in a Ductless, Mini-Split Heat Pump System   We get asked a lot about what is actually in the heat pump that needs cleaning. A Heat Pump that hasn’t been cleaned in a few years will most likely have a lot of dirt and dust build up in the coil and

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Cleaners Heat Pumps

How Often to Clean a Heat Pump?

How Often Should I Clean My Heat Pump? ………. ………Is a question we get asked a lot at Pure Air Cleaning. The Heat Unit filters should be cleaned periodically, about once every month or two, depending on usage and air quality. These are easy to access (by opening front cover and removing) and can be

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Antigonish County Cleaning

Just Found Out You Have to Clean It?!!!

Nobody told you they have to be cleaned?!!!!   To keep your heat pump running safely, efficiently & clean To prevent mould build up To prevent Health issues Let us do it for you – Our commercial coil cleaning system will leave your heat pump sparkling. Inside AND outside – and leave you with nothing

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