Commercial & Air Con

Commercial Heat Pump

& Store Air Conditioner Cleaning


At pure air cleaning, we offer multi-unit discounts, roof mounted compressor unit cleaning and store located air conditioner washing.

With experienced technicians, full PPE, site signage and job-site expertise, our focus is on safety and quality of work. Our record is unsurpassed in the industry. We can provide job-site hazard assessments and work procedures for our work.

Work-safe is our priority. We are extremely professional, capable and reliable for all your coil cleaning needs. Providing service to the industry in Antigonish, Port Hawkesbury, Cape Breton and The Quad Counties.


Professional Heat Pump Cleaner

Port Hawkesbury Cleaner

We are fully WCB and $2,000,000 Liability Insured


Sydney, Nova Scotia Mold Removal


Store Air Conditioning Units


Commercial Cleaning

Commercial/Store Air Conditioner Cleaning Service


Remove Covers & Install Temporary Splash Bib

Remove & Clean Grills

Spray & Soak Coil with Non-Acidic Cleaner & Mold Prevention

Pressure Wash Coils

Remove & Clean Top Cover/Grill

Remove Debris from Fan Blades

Wipe Down Replace & Test


Fan Blade Clean

Fan Blade Clean


Commercial & Office Heat Pump

We provide commercial and office Ductless Heat Pump Cleaning of single and multiple units


Port Hawkesbury Mold Removal


Fully WCB and $2,000,000 Liability Insured

We move all furniture necessary, use drop sheets and spray bibs and replace everything when done

No delay to your daily operations

2 Hour Appointment Windows Scheduled

Invoices can be e-mailed: Payment by Cheque, Visa/Mastercard, Cash or Paypal

HST Number Provided


Cleaners Heat Pumps


Nova Scotia Heat Pump Washing

Commercial Heat Pump Washing


Mini Split Professional Cleaner