How Often to Clean a Heat Pump?

How Often Should I Clean My Heat Pump? ……….

………Is a question we get asked a lot at Pure Air Cleaning. The Heat Unit filters should be cleaned periodically, about once every month or two, depending on usage and air quality. These are easy to access (by opening front cover and removing) and can be done by vacuming the lint and particles from the filters. If the filters need a more thorough cleaning, they can be removed and washed with warm water and a mild cleaning solution – However, if the filter is a fibre filter, water should not be used as it can degrade the filter.

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The standard recommendation of a full clean for a Ductless Heat Pump System is between 12 an 18 months. However, this can vary depending on the amount of use and the amount and type of air pollution in your area. We have seen heat pumps that have been used for 3 years that still don’t require a clean, and we’ve seen systems that are desperate for cleaning after just 10 months!


You can open the cover to the Head Unit and remove the filters. Look at the coil (the metal unit with lots of thin blades/veins) to see if it has dust, particles or mold in-between the blades. This will decrease the efficiency and safety/air quality of the machine.


The other place to check is where we see a lot of mold build up due to moisture. This is in the fan that rotates to distribute the air. Take a flashlight and look in-between the grills at the bottom of the head unit. When we perform a Mini-Split Clean we always see a lot of dust, gunk and often mold running off of the fan blades. You should be able to see if there is build up with a flashlight.


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Blower Wheel/Fan Located at Bottom of Head Unit


A full clean will keep your machine running at it’s top efficiency, save you money on power, eliminates mold and inhibits future mold build up. If the head unit is left uncleaned for too long and starts to develop mold, this will be distributed around your home in the air by the fan.

If in doubt, give us a call or e-mail : and we’ll talk you through checking and even give you advice on how to clean the unit.

Good luck and until next time, breath Pure Air, Stay Healthy,

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