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Does My Heat Pump Need Cleaning?


How To Tell If Your Heat Pump Needs A Clean: 3 Easy Steps!




How to tell if your unit needs cleaning:


1. Take a flashlight and look in-between the vents at the bottom of the machine

You will see dirt or mold spots build up at the back or on the blower wheel

(There is a blower fan inside the unit which is a long cylinder running the length of the machine. This spins to blow the air around the home. This is often completely covered with dirt, grime, dust or mold and will be in the air being blown around the home)


2. Look behind the filters at the actual metal coil (often these are blocked with dust and dirt)


3. Inspect the filters (these can be taken out and cleaned with vacuum or soft cloth)


Filters can be removed and cleaned yourself with a vacuum or soft cloth. We also have tips & advice on how to wash your own Heat Pump (see our last blog) However, it is a bit tricky, especially without the correct equipment. So if you need more advice, or would like us to do if for you, feel free to contact us:


6 Things You Have To Ask When Hiring A Heat Pump Cleaner!




Thanks for reading, and stay safe, clean & efficient!


Damian & the Pure Air Team.


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